DMFOart/ Aug. Newsletter 2022/ S.E.E.D / Bonus Pin-Up: Inseminoid / Vibr8in2 PG.101 (Part A)

It was quit an interesting challenge to depict S.E.E.D (Scientific Extraterrestrial Embryonic Development) personal in SCBA tight fit latex suit, Undergoing a monthly sensual de-stressing recreation sessions, within a reflective latex balloon like surface of a pneumatic inflatable RnR structure. 

 Each S.E.E.D personal will be required to de-stress themselves via individual pleasure pod stress test, where their vitals and endurance are throughly monitored. 

This monthly pleasure pod session are vital in improving their focus and performances in the success of S.E.E.D, in administrating the symbiosis of test subjects and the extra-terrestrial.

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